Qualitative Analysis of Flavonoids in Jushanda Ingredients-A Herbal Medication


  • samreen Aslam


Joshanda is a polyherbal preparation, which is used as traditional home made remedy, to cure various contagious bronchial infections, in Unani System of Medicine, in Pakistan and South Asian region. In Present study some selected ingredients of Joshanda i.e. Ziziphus jujube fruit, Glycyrrhiza glabra roots, Mentha piperita whole herb, Althea officinalis seeds and Rosa indica flowers were selected. Qualitative analysis of selected joshanda Ingredients was done to determine important phytochemicals as flavonoids, alkaloids, saponins, phenolics, tannins, triterpenes and steroids. Various studies shows that these phytochemicals are very important regarding cough treatment. Selected ingredients under study showed high DPPH radical scavenging capacity ranges from 57.02 to 94.59 %.